Clinical Cases

Please click to see some of the successful cases done by the group of specialists and surgeons from ASAMI ASEAN

1. Limb Lengthening : Height gain surgery Using LON method
  Unilateral Fitbone Lengthening
  Lengthening Femur
  Digit Lengthening
  Leg shortening from previious tumor surgery
  Tibia lengthening using Fitbone
  Unilateral tibia lengthening using iskd
  Cosmetic Leg Lengthening using Fitbone
2. Infected NonUnion / Malunion : Bone Transport With Exchange Unreamed Nail
  Infected Non-union Tibia In 10 Years Old Boy
  Hypertrophic Non-union Tibia
  Bifocal Corticotomy
  Infected Non-Union Ulna
  Malunion Femur Underwent Correction
  Bone transport in
  Delayed femur malunion
3. Pelvic / Hip Recon strunction : Long-Standing Hip Dislocation
4. Knee / Hip Arthritis : Elbow Replacement
  Valgus Knee With TKR
  Bilateral TKR
  Ilizarov Converted To TKR
  Total Hip Replacements
  Hip surface Replacement
5. Acute Fracture(s) of Tibia : Segmental Tibia Fracture
  Open Tibia In 13 Years Old Boy
  Tibial Plateau Fracture
  Ilizarov For Acute Diaphyseal Fracture
  Pilon Fracture Ankle
  Comminuted Fracture distal
6. Polio : Polio Left Leg With Shortening And Foot Equinus
7. Congenital Fibular Hemimelia : Fibular Hemimelia
  Fitbone-congenital Fibular Hemimelia
8. Congenital Radiial Hypoplasia : Cong radiial hypoplasia corrected using Monolateral fixator
9. Foot deformity : Adult Clubfeet
  Ankle Deformity Child
  Spina Bifida And Untreated Clubfeet
10. Limb Deformity : Valgus Knee Deformity
  Bilateral Leg Deformities
  Tibia Deformity In Child
  Fixed Flexion Deformity Knee
  Malunion Distal Tibia
  Malunion Tibia
  Post Ilizarov Deformity
  Knee Deformity In 13 Years Old Chinese Boy
  Valgus right leg from polio
11. Perthes Disease : 9 year old