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Straits Times (Singapore, December 16, 2000)
"Do you want longer legs? You can do that with surgery"

The New Paper (Singapore, June 3, 2001)

“People who want to get taller will endure the pain of stitching, drilling and stretching bones with a needle.”

The New Paper (Singapore, June 8, 2001)

"At last, I could increase my height."


The New Paper (Singapore, October 21, 2001)

“She will be wearing shoes soon.”


The Sunday Times (Singapore, July 7, 2002)

"How tall are you? One is 5'6'' and the other is 5'8”."

The New Paper (Singapore, December 21, 2002)

"I was embarrassed to tear up old photos. Except for just one..."


Sin Ming Daily (Singapore, December 21, 2002)

"I've been limping for 30 years"

Today (Singapore, August 5, 2003)

"Escape from knee pain"

The Next Magazine (Hong Kong, February 30, 2003)



Straits Times (Singapore, November 24, 2003)

“He suffered overwhelming pain, but Paul finally grew taller.”

The Sunday Times (Singapore, February 10, 2004)

"The difference in height"

The New Paper (Singapore, March 21, 2004

"Doctor, please make me taller"


The Star Paper (Malaysia, 2004)

"In hospitals, 300 cases were treated instead of amputation."


Tan Tok Seng Hospital (Singapore, November 2000)

"Height extension and orthodontic treatment with a fully implantable motorized spinal nail system"

Xtreme (Singapore, January 2004)

"It’s all to make you taller."


"Things I take to increase my height"

The Times of India (India, 2 April 2006)

Demand to increase height: Fitborn increases height.


Compass Cyber Media (Indonesia, October 7, 2006)

(Terobosan Baru Bedah Ortopedik Rekonstruktif)


The Zhao Bao News Report


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  "To increase the height"
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