Leg shortening from previous tumor surgery
By: Dr Sarbjit Singh


w• 8 year old, female, Chinese
w• C/O : left leg pain x 1 month
   swelling on left thigh x 2 weeks
   on & off fever x 1 week
w• O/E : diffuse tender swelling, left thigh
   no inguinal lymphadenopathy
   lung/heart/abdomen - normal
Pre Op

>X-ray (Left femur)

osteolytic lesion

• (?) osteosarcoma

Post Op

Graft taken well

1cm shortening
of left femur

ROM : 0- 110’

Post Op
Walks independently. Uses shoe raise.
ROM :0-125.LLD : 7cm
Plan : Left tibia lengthening


Follow Up
Left tibia lengthening with fixator in place
Follow Up
Lengthening tibia on Xrays in progress


Follow Up
Lengthening proceeding


Follow Up
Converted to immediate exchane nail after 65mm lengthening


Follow Up
Consolidation regenerated


Follow Up
Leg length equalised but with different knee height


Follow Up
Final result with grateful patient and mother