Tibia lengthening using Fitbone
By: Dr Sarbjit Singh


M.K.  DOB: 09.04.87
Type 1 Diabetes 
Pre Op
Post bilateral release of the knees and osteotomies
1991.Post R ETA and calcaneal Osteotomy 3/94
Pre Op
LLD of 3.5cm R 1.7 cm Femur 1.8 cm Tibia
Back pain


Post Op


20/07 Post Op
• 19 mm distraction
• No pain
• Regained preoperative ROM
in knee and ankle


30/07 Post Distraction
Lengthening of 29mm – pelvis equal
Patient feels comfortable
Full ROM (same as pre-operatively)
Note proximal migration of distal fibula
Ceased lengthening.
Now Consolidation Phase with PWB


4 months Post Op
•No pain, asymptomatic
•Consolidation of 3 cortices- anterior no callus formation
•FWB now
•No restrictions


6 months Post Op
Callus formation anteriorly


24 months Post Op