Welcome to ASAMI ASEAN

The ASAMI ASEAN was formed on 13th November 1997 at Penang, Malaysia. The founding members were Dr Syed Alsagoff (Malaysia), Dr Sarbjit Singh (Singapore), Dr Juanito Javier (Philippines), Dr Djoko Simbardjo (Indonesia), Dr Mulyono Soedirman(Indonesia), Dr Somcha Prichasuk (Thailand), Dr Ramesh Krishnan(india), Dr Xia Yebao(China), Dr Nasir (Pakistan) together with Dr Maurizio Catagni from Italy.

The ASAMI ASEAN is linked to the international ASAMI. The role of the ASEAN ASAMI is to encourage the proper usage and application of the methods of Ilizarov and to encourage the exchange of ideas and research in its related fields.The ASAMI ASEAN meetings will act as a forum for the use of methods of Ilizarov and teaching of the technique to surgeons in the ASEAN region. It promotes contacts and knowledge sharing within the user group and other sister ASAMI organizations worldwide.Individual countries in the ASEAN country will formulate their methods of teaching and propagation of informationThe objectives of the ASAMI ASEAN Shall be:

a. To provide leadership, education and encouragement for the proper usage and applications of distraction histogenesis as applied to diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system
b. To stimulate research and development in distraction histogenesis and its related fields
c. To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of new scientific advances and ideas, especially within the ASEAN region
d. To provide a channel of communication with the other ASAMI user groups around the world
e. To recognize those have contributed to the field of distraction historgenesis by extending them membership in the working group.